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Although it’s some 4,300 miles from her picturesque home in the quaint Norwegian village of Biri to the fabled streets of Music City, singer-songwriter Hege Øversveen has made the journey from Norway to Nashville several times. With each trip to the country-music capital she has established a foothold that finds her becoming one of Music City’s most promising new artists, while continuing to build upon the stardom she has rightfully achieved in her Norwegian homeland, where she was hailed by one critic for her ability to «balance Hank Williams’ cryin’ with Sheryl Crow’s punch.»

Born into a musical family, at 7 years old Hege attempted to learn the violin and later the piano, but admits she lacked the necessary patience those instruments took at the time. Still, she longed to perform, as evidenced by her stage debut, a school performance at age 8. For her impassioned rendition of Celine Dion’s «Think Twice,» Hege’s first «band» was a CD player. It wasn’t until she was 20 that she took up the guitar and finally found the musical pieces falling into place. Before long she was writing her own songs and performing them in public.

Whether it’s an intimate concert with the audience a few feet from the stage, or a vast festival setting, Hege’s songs, which freely straddle the melodic borderline between country, rock and pop, are delivered with a fearless authority on stage. Oozing with attitude when she’s got her father’s old Telecaster at her fingertips, or stripping the music down for an intimate, acoustic session, it’s her passion for connecting with an audience that has helped the singer win fans from all over the world.

In her native land, Hege earned a second-place finish as a 2012 contestant on the televised singing competition, The Voice – Norges beste stemme. Participating in Norway’s version of the worldwide hit series, The Voice, Hege performed songs by Keith Urban, Gavin DeGraw and Beth Hart, as well as her own original tune, «Where Did I Go Wrong.» When it was all over, she was the top-ranking female contestant.

In May 2013, Hege released her first full-length album. You Don’t Know Me was a commercial and critical favorite with Norway newspaper Klassekampen singling it out as one of the best Norwegian albums of the year. In 2014, she appeared on Norway’s highly rated, long-running musical-variety series, ​​Beat for Beat.

As her trips across the globe to Nashville have increased, so has Hege’s experience as a live performer in one of Music City’s most daunting settings: the tightly packed, hear-a-pin-drop listening rooms where singer-songwriters careers can turn on a dime. But thanks to her confident, energetic (and, yes, ballsy) approach to performing and songwriting, Hege has quickly gone from inhabiting the stage to commanding it, thanks to the eclectic material on You Don’t Know Me. Whether she’s pouring out her fragile heart in a tender ballad, like the chill-inducing «Rainy Days,» coaxing a smile with the bouncy «I Think I’m in Love,» or seriously amping up the energy with the country-rocker «Love Me Everyday (Till I Die),» Hege has fans on both sides of the world anxious to hear what comes next. And what’s next is a brand-new album set for release in 2016. After that, there’s no telling what will follow, but it will certainly be worth paying attention.


Hege er en artist som elsker å stå på scenen. Utstråling og formidling av historier treffer publikum. Dette kan være på en intimkonsert med publikum en meter unna scenekanten, eller en festivalkonsert med full trøkk.                                                                                            Hun ligger i et melodiøst grenseland mellom country, pop og rock. Det har blitt sagt at hun vet å balansere mellom Hank Williams’ hulking og Sheryl Crows trøkk.

Hun markerte seg med fantastisk stemme og utstråling da hun våren 2012 stod som en av de fire finalistene i The Voice. I mai 2013 gav hun ut sin første fullengder «You Don’t Know Me». Den lå hele 7 uker på VG-lista og ble i avisa Klassekampen omtalt som et av de ti beste norske albumene i 2013. Høsten 2014 debuterer hun som artist i NRK’s BeatforBeat.

Som låtskriver har Hege en stor spennvidde. Det finnes like mange hjerteskjærende og triste ballader, som optimistiske og popete låter. Med både tempo og energi. Og hun skriver mye om livet hun selv har levd. Til tross for sin korte karriere som låtskriver, gjorde talentet hennes umiddelbart inntrykk. Det har tatt henne til Nashville to ganger. Og den første turen resulterte i EP’n «Heartfelt».

Med en musikalsk familie, har musikk og spilleglede fulgt henne hele livet.                                                                                                        Som barn prøvde hun ut både fiolin og piano, men med en kunstnersjels tålmodighet endte hun først opp med gitaren som 20 åring. Hun er en artist fra naturens side, og allerede når hun i 3.klasse debuterte med Celine Dions «Think Twice», akkompagnert  av CD-spilleren, var det artist hun ville bli. Hege skulle stå på scenen.

Live opptrer hun både alene, sammen med en gitarist eller med fullt band. Og hun tenker på scenen som sitt absolutte «Happy Place».

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