9. juni 2016


So, I read about this Liv Austen girl in the newspaper here in Norway. She lives in London, writes songs, tours and is pretty much doing what I’m doing. AND she’s originally from my home town. We went to the same school and know a lot of the same people. But we have never met.  What are the odds, right.

So I wrote her on Facebook. Asked if maybe she knew some people that she could share my music with. We chattet for a while,  and then she invited me over to come see her in London. She was like : » and I can fix us some gigs too». I was like «yeah..that sounds cool».

So I booket tickets and went to England.

First of all..she was the best host. Made me feel really comfortable! «Thank you, Liv» <3 And what an artist she is. This charming girl got what it takes!  We traveled around England and played nice venues. I also met some wonderful people. Both people from the audience and the other performers. I have to mention this one guy . Robbie Cavanagh. He completely blew my mind.  His songs are amazing and he’s got the voice  like a soft summer breeze.  Promise me.. Check him out 🙂

IMG_7115      This is a pic of Liv Austen (from the right), me, Steven Barker, Robbie Cavanagh, Emma Swindell from our gig in Wolverhampton






Me and Liv enjoying a glass of wine <3






Amy Westney, Liv Austen and me at The Bluebird Sessions in Essex


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