23. november 2015

That’s pretty cool. Fate!


For the last couple of years, I haven’t been sure which road to take next. I (of course) had a goal to record a second album. And I knew that the producer had to be a songwriter/musician. But what studio…which producer. I worked and worked and weeks, months, years went by so fast. And to be honest I wasn’t feeling super inspired. Then suddenly sparks came back, and I knew what I wanted to do.

My visit to Nashville in February 2015 was such an inspiration. I had the time of my life.  My friend Bob Saporiti ( Reckless Johnny Wales) had just finished recording his album. He was going out to the studio one day, to mix with his producer, and asked if I wanted to join. I said yes, and so I entered «The Sound Shelter». Here I got introduced to his producer Brett Ryan Stewart. For hours they were working on mixing, and even tho I had exquisite company in both Denise (the photographer of these photos) and Patrick (the studio apprentice), it was kinda tedious. (lol). But then the guys took a break. So, me and Brett started talking. I immediately liked his energy and he showed interest in me and my story. We even found out he knows people in Norway! We became Facebook friends, and continued talking. Then, several months later, I just knew that he was gonna produce my next album. It’s weird, but when I have my mind set on something, when I get «that feeling», I just do it. (that’s why I hate NOT having my mind set on things). After a few years not knowing what I was gonna do next… I knew!

So I asked him if he wanted to record with me, and he did. So we started working. I sent him all of my songs (old & new ones) for him to get to know my music. One morning this past summer I woke up to this looong email from him. He told me what he was thinking about the songs, my voice and what direction he thought would be cool. Without telling you what he wrote, he was SO spot on, and I was really happy. He understood me. He simply said all the right things, without even knowing it. That’s pretty cool. Fate!

October 2015 I went to Nashville to start the recording prossess. It has been a true blast. I can not wait for you guys to hear what we’ve been working on for the last few months!

Now I wanna share some beautiful pictures, taken during our sessions.

Man, life is a journey…! And I trust my gut. Even tho it’s not always easy, my experience is :» Things happen for a reason and down the road things work out how they’re suppose too.»     Photographer: Denise Fussell (Fussell Graphics)



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